About us

Founded by an EA, built by a community

Our mission is to simplify the administrative burden and create more time.

“EAs understand the nuances of scheduling better than anyone. Whether you are an EA, have an EA, or desperately need an EA...this product is for you.”

Julia Leibowitz

Co-founder and CEO

Our story

In 2013, Julia Leibowitz, the Co-Founder and CEO of Cabinet, started a job as an Executive Assistant. While in that role, she discovered why attrition rates among admins are some of the highest in an organization: somedays felt like a non-stop game of calendar Tetris.

A few years later, Julia met her co-founder Evan Kesten at graduate school. They - along with their amazing team - developed a platform to reduce the administrative burden of tasks like scheduling so that EAs, Admins and others could focus on more strategic tasks.

Why Cabinet?

People are busier than ever, and we believe in offloading some of the administrative burden that holds us back from living more fully.

Think of Cabinet as your automated back office. We support anyone managing their own calendar or managing it on behalf of someone else. We're here to help.

What we believe in


When people come together, share knowledge and exchange ideas, great things happen.


Organization creates harmony and harmony is important for nurturing happiness.


To live with purpose means to do what truly matters to you in alignment with your values and beliefs.

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